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Hi, my name is Steven Blair.

I've been writing software for a very long time. When I wrote my first software program, there was no Microsoft, no Windows, and no Internet. Over a span of twenty-five years I wrote software for companies such as General Automation, AST Research, Phoenix Technologies, and American Arium.

Then, in 2005, I decided to stretch the other side of my brain. I entered the world of art and design, operating a small business selling art and custom framing services. I quickly learned the design principles that are at the heart of graphic design: use of color, texture, and light; line, balance, positive and negative space, symmetry and asymmetry, to name a few.

When I set out to create a website for my business, I discovered that my experience in software development combined with my newfound understanding of graphic design made me uniquely qualified to design and develop websites.

Some of my website designs can be found on my Portfolio page.